Maintaining Your Gazebo

Cleaning your garden gazebo is an important part of basic maintenance and will certainly lengthen its useful lifespan. How you maintain and clean your gazebo will depend on several factors: type, size, manufacturer and so on.

It is important to always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning any part of your gazebo, but there are some very basic cleaning tips, which will keep a gazebo in perfect condition. 

To start you should always wipe down the cover of the gazebo before storage; this can simply be done with a cloth and some lukewarm water. This will remove any debris and keep the canopy layer in good condition.

Cleaning the poles, which form the main part of the structure is also important because it will stop them from becoming rusted and weakened.  Make sure that everything is thoroughly dry before storage.

Unfortunately, not many people store a gazebo correctly. It must be kept in a dry place when it is not being used. This stops moisture from the air penetrating into the material causing damaged fibres and staining.  If the gazebo is not thoroughly dry when put away for the winter you might have problems with mould formation on the material.  This could be difficult to clean off when you get the gazebo out for the new season.  It is certainly worth taking some time and trouble to ensure that your gazebo is properly stored.

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