Magis Puppy Whimsical Chair

The wonders of childhood and imagination are captured in this wonderful Magis puppy sculpture toy designed by the famous Aarnio.  Eero Aarnio has provided children the world over with his creative “me too collection” of furniture just for kids.  The Magis puppy is abstract and comes in several colours including one that even glows in the dark.  The other colours are white, green and orange, all of which can be used outdoors or indoors. The red, white and black lacquer collared Magis puppy must be ordered as they are not always kept in stock.

They come in a variety of sizes so you can choose just one small one that is just over a foot tall, choose the extra-large piece which measures nearly 32 inches tall, or buy a whole zoo full of varying sizes and colours.

Other pieces of art furniture by Eero Aarnio are also available to complete the look of the child’s room or play space.  There are chairs to read in and sit on and tables to create crafts and play with building toys on.  The other pieces are whimsical and stimulate the imagination, just as the puppy sculptures do. 

One of the chairs, for example, the ball chair, resembles a large white ball on a stand.  It features an opening to crawl into, which creates a pod like place to cuddle up and enjoy some quiet time.  For other whimsical creatures to sit on, the Tipi chair and the pony are also interesting and sure to spark the imagination of any child.

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