Looking After Exterior Metal Items

A number of metal items commonly found on the external surfaces of houses include such things as decorative lamps, brackets for hanging baskets, downpipes, and guttering, although on more modern houses, these are usually of the plastic variety.

As a DIY homeowner, you can considerably improve the decorative finish on the exterior of a house by painting these smaller accessory items, which will also prolong their life.

The main tools necessary include 15-75mm paintbrushes, a wire brush, proprietary metal paint (usually black), and a pair of protective gloves.

The essential first step in painting metal fittings on external walls requires scrubbing them down thoroughly with a metal brush.  This is especially important with materials such as cast iron and any other ferrous metals, since brushing them will remove loose and flaky material, such as old paint, from the surface.  This in turn provides a clean base for the new paint.

You can apply as many coats as you like, but one or two is normal.  It is important to use a proprietary metal finishing paint, rather than normal exterior paint, applying it directly to the bare and previously painted surface of the metal.

You do not need to use a primer when painting metal, because the finishing paint will hold to the surface without any need of assistance.  This saves a lot of time, whilst still achieving a neat result.

It is also important to thoroughly clean brushes afterward using a thinner-based solvent.

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