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London’s skinniest house is on the market for £450,000

Boasting only 99in in width and one bedroom, a house in Denmark Hill, south-east London, is claimed to be the skinniest home in Britain’s capital, and one of the thinnest in the country. The house is currently up for sale with estate agents Foxtons for £450,000 - you would expect to get a bit more for your money than that, but in one of London’s most up and coming districts, it’s likely that it’ll be snapped up soon enough. Sales Manager, Warren McCann said that the location of the property assures it won’t be on the market for long, being a “perfect pied-a-terre” as it is just across the road from the Denmark Hill station.

Built on a patch of earth that once its next door neighbour’s garden, the house is storeys high, build on the end of a three storey terrace and measures up at a respectable 466 square feet. The property is a freehold and also manages to squeeze a 75ft garden into its limited space.

The living room of the property is squashed into a corridor-like space underneath the stairs, just big enough for a sofa and dining table to fit in, while the kitchen measures only 5ft 2in across. A floorplan shows how well the space has been utilised to fit everything in in a practical way.


The narrowest property in Britain however is located on the Isle of Cumbrae off the Scottish Ayrshire coast with a façade that is only 37in wide. The building, known colloquially as “The Wedge” does however spread to a much more respectable 22ft wide as it moves further back.

Image courtesy of Kenneth Cowell.


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