Let In the Light with Bathroom Mirrors

Few things are as essential to the well-heeled bathroom as a good quality bathroom mirror.  Not only can a good mirror compliment your bathroom decor, but it can also help make a small space appear larger and bring more light into a dark room.  Choosing a bathroom mirror wisely will ensure you get the full benefits of this powerful design element.

Bathroom mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, literally.  With some time and a little creative bargain hunting you can find a mirror to suit your budget, style, and wall space. Styles available include; square, round, oval, oblong, or rectangular. Single, seamless units or fragmented units are possible. Ornamental pieces; framed, mounted in a bathroom cabinet door, or with a floating edge; available in large or small sizes; decorative or functional, the choice is yours.

For small bathrooms, adding a large bathroom mirror or several smaller mirrors can give the illusion of depth and size.  Placing decorative mirrors on opposing walls will also lend some dimension to the space.  If your bathroom has limited natural lighting, wall mounting mirrors strategically placed, will help reflect existing light and make your room appear brighter.

Cabinet-mounted bathroom mirrors often serve a more practical function, as they are mounted above a sink or vanity, and usually house a medicine cabinet or small storage unit.  Generally, you should choose a mirror that compliments the finish and style of your bathroom cabinets for a balanced look.

Selecting a stylish, functional bathroom mirror can add elegance, light, and illusion of space to even the smallest washroom.

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