Learning to Tile a Wall the Simple Way

Although tiling may look complicated, once you learn the basics you can become accomplished in next to no time, providing you take care and plan ahead.

For tiling walls in a bathroom or kitchen, you will need the following pieces of equipment:

•    Tiles
•    Tile Adhesive
•    Grout
•    Tile Spacers
•    Grouting Float
•    Serrated Adhesive Trowel
•    Tile Cutter
•    Spirit Level
•    Straight Length of Wood
•    Nails


Before can begin tiling, the area should be stripped of any old tiles, cleaned right back to the bare wall and washed with warm soapy water to remove any dust.

Mark a line along the bottom of the wall using your spirit level and then nail in a straight length of wood exactly in line with it. This will act as the starting point to lay your tiles onto and will ensure the whole pattern is kept straight.


•    Spread a generous amount of tile adhesive onto the wall with your serrated adhesive trowel to a height of one tile. Press hard enough to create grooves in the adhesive.

•    Sit the first tile on the wooden level, on the left hand edge of the space and press it into the adhesive using an even pressure. Once you are happy that it is sitting in the correct position, check that it is flat to the wall and not raised on one side.

•    Continue to lay the bottom row of tiles in the same way, using the tile spacers to keep the correct distance between them.

•    Next, continue in the same way manner the remaining rows, until you have completed the wall.

•    If necessary use a tile cutter to cut tiles to size around the edges.

•    After adhesive has been allowed to dry overnight, grout must be applied using a grouting float to push it into the joints between each tile.

•    Finally, wash down the tiles with a damp sponge to give a clean finish.

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