Laying Vinyl Tiles on Concrete

Vinyl tiles are a great product to use for flooring because they are so durable.  They are waterproof, easy to install and can be laid directly onto a concrete floor.


The first step is to prepare the floor.  All existing flooring and baseboards must be removed.  The concrete floor has to be level and if not, self-levelling compound should be spread and allowed to completely dry.  A plan of how you are going to proceed should be made before any tiles are laid.  It is best to start in the centre and work outwards, so that when the edges of the room are reached, the tiles can be cut to fit, but the floor will look uniform and professional.  Finding the centre of the room is easy if you use a tape measure.

Laying the Tile

Adhesive should be spread onto the surface of the floor with a trowel.  It is important to spread the fixative smoothly and evenly so the vinyl tiles will be flat and level.  The tiles should be laid side by side before the next batch of adhesive is spread over the adjacent area


When the edges of the room are reached the tiles will have to be cut to fit.  You will need to measure the exact size of each tile and use a sharp utility knife and straight edge to cut them.  Take your time and make sure the cuts are even and straight and when you have finished you will have a floor to be proud of.

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