Laying a carpet on a concrete floor

Laying a carpet in a room can add warmth and comfort as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  When laying carpet on a concrete floor, using wooden grippers can be tricky since they cannot be nailed to concrete as they can to floorboards.

When laying a carpet it is advisable to use an underlay.  Underlay is available in varying quality thicknesses and prices but when laying carpet on a concrete floor it is advisable to use a thick, good quality underlay.  This will give a softer under foot feel and will add to the life expectancy and durability of the carpet.

Since normal grippers are hard to use on concrete floors, it is usual for double sided tape to be used instead.  When using double sided tape it is best to stick the tape around the edges with lengths in the middle as well to ensure a secure fixing.  Leave the protective cover on top of the tape until the carpet or under lay has been laid and cut to fit.  The underlay should be fitted first.  Once it is cut to size, peel the cover off the top of the tape and stick the underlay in place.  The underlay should be cut leaving a gap just a bit wider than the tape itself around the edge of the room.  This is where the double sided tape should be fixed to hold the carpet in place.  It is a good idea to put lengths of tape on top of the underlay for extra stability.

The carpet should be rolled out and cut to fit, using a fixed blade knife with a new blade to give the best cut, along the base of the skirting board.  Once the carpet is cut to fit, remove the cover from the tape and press the carpet down on to the tape, sticking it into place by walking around the edges.

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