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Landlord vs. tenants: What causes the disputes?

AA Home Membership have recently done some research into the kind of gripes that landlords often have with their tenants, in particular what state the property is left in, including cleaning, damage to the property, garden maintenance and even items left behind or being taken.

The study has revealed that up to 22% of landlords report a dispute with their tenants, and more than half of these arguments were caused by significant damage to the property. The other disputes were as little as tenants failing to clean the property properly, or even at all, upon moving out, with 42% being caused by this, and 28% being about the improper garden maintenance at the property. Other causes also included being late on paying the rent, complaints from neighbours, and tenants keeping pets without permission. There were however various complaints of more unusual calibre, and not for the faint hearted landlord, including the boiler being stolen and underwear left in the fridge!

messy house

Head of AA Home Membership, Helen Brooker, stated: “Landlords put a lot of trust in tenants. Even if they do background checks, there’s still an element of the unknown when they let someone they barely know love in their property.

“Renting out properties, especially for the first time, can be an eye-opening experience.”

Many landlords, more than half, insist that it is very important to try to hold a good relationship with their tenants so that they will remain longer in the property, and it is advised for landlords to check in on the state of the property at regular intervals while it is being rented out.

Image courtesy of Andrew Warran and abbamouse.


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