Is Underfloor Heating Cheaper Than Radiators?

The simple answer to this question is yes; underfloor heating is most definitely cheaper than using normal central heating radiator systems. Firstly this is a more logical system, as it acknowledges the principle that heat rises and starts the heating process from the lowest point in the room, rather than two or three feet above the floor. As a result, the underfloor heating system can be operated at a much lower temperature, as there are no ‘cold spots’ in the room. When using radiators there is a cold spot along the floor of the room, especially downstairs, which is never heated and this makes the thermostat register the temperature as lower, which in turn means that the heating system is turned up and stays on for longer to achieve the required temperature.

Insulation, such as Marmox Insulation also prevents any heat from the underfloor heating system being lost into the floor. Again, this means that all the heat generated is used in an upward direction and pushed into the room. As the system runs at a lower temperature overall, it means that less fuel, in this case electricity, is burned getting the system to the correct heat. By having underfloor heating installed in the room you should see an overall drop in your electricity bill, as the room will also be drier, which makes it feel warmer, so you will turn the thermostat down even further, saving you even more money.

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