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Interior design trends that will be big this Spring

Advances in technology, innovation and interior designs toady mean that trends are rarely permanent. Something that was all the rage a couple of years ago it not likely to be on trend today, so when creating a space it is important that it is both comfortable and functional with a touch of originality.

What is clear is that classic interior trends have longevity, while modern design trends can quickly fade away as they reflect the mood of society at that time. Inspired by interior design specialists Baytree Interiors, here are some of the top interior design trends that are bound to be big this Spring.

Colour is an important factor for any room and whatever colour you decide is likely to be around for a long time. With the thousands of colours available and more added all of the time, this can be a daunting task, but our advice is to choose simple colours such as pastels for the majority of the room, adding bright colours to accentuate key areas like a feature wall; these bright colours can be changed more frequently and means that the whole room doesn’t need to be painted every time.

With furniture we have moved a long way away from the 1960’s trend of veneered wood and futuristic designs. Country furniture is continuing to be the trend this year and provides the perfect platform to create eye-catching designs. Upcycling is also becoming more popular, and with a wide range of furniture paint now available, the possibilities are endless.

Noir furniture is also making a comeback for the bedroom; these French inspired designs are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any bedroom.

One of the most important and often overlooked items when redecorating a room is lighting; it can literally make or break a room, but can also be used to change the ambiance easily. Choose pendant lights or chandeliers to give a sense of luxury, and filament bulbs to provide a warm glow.

LED lighting has made great advances over the years and are environmentally friendly and energy efficient too; these types of lights are becoming much cheaper and we will start to see LED lighting throughout the home in the not too distant future.

Choice of a television is often down to personal preferences, but smart TVs have become the norm over the past few years, but we will soon see a wider range of smart devices specially designed to control all aspects of the home including your heating, open your garage door and turn your lights on and off.

2016 is shaping up to be an innovative and creative time, but as we often have seen, classic designs are still the bedrock of modern home interior designs.



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