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Installing underfloor heating in the kitchen

Having warm kitchen tiles underneath your feet while cooking breakfast on a cold winter morning is the perfect way to add that little extra something to the house which helps you enjoy it that much more. Every individual’s house is their place of enjoyment, their place of relaxation, and the place where ultimate comfort should be available. When looking at floor heating systems, there is only one way to create the perfect kitchen floor, and that is by using an underfloor heating kit.

Tile is one of the most common types of material used on kitchen floors, and in the case of underfloor heating systems there are several layers to the actual installation process that need to be researched prior to any DIY underfloor heating project being started. Regardless of whether the kitchen floor is concrete based or wood based, there needs to be a layer of underfloor heating insulation between the substrate and the tile itself, with the under tile heating mat in place on top of the insulation underneath the tile.

The underfloor heating insulation is fastened in place using a flexible tile adhesive and the electric underfloor heating kit is placed over the insulation. Then additional flexible tile adhesive is spread over the top and the tile itself is installed directly on top of the heat mat.

Underfloor heating has never been easier to install than it is now with the modern DIY underfloor heating kits. All of the relevant tools and materials can be purchased at a local improvement store, allowing you to add an underfloor heating kit to your home quickly and easily.


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