Installing smoke detectors

A smoke detector is something that should be in every house, and many houses require more than one. They can save your life in emergencies, but a lot of people don’t know where they should be installed in order to work properly.

Each level of your house should have a smoke detector. Generally the best place to have your smoke detector installed, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, is on the ceiling near to a doorway or stairwell. This is because smoke rises and takes the shortest route to escape a confined space.

Having a smoke detector in each bedroom is the ideal, but having one in the hallway outside sleeping areas is a must. When you are asleep, you are less likely to perceive other warnings of fire such as the smell of smoke or the heat, so the warning a smoke alarm provides could be the only one you get.

The place most at risk of fire in a house is generally the kitchen. If the smoke from cooking tends to cause too many nuisance alarms, place the fire alarm just outside the kitchen, because many people will disconnect them if cooking sets them off and forget to reconnect them. You can also buy detectors that are less sensitive than others for kitchens if need be.

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