Inscreed Cables for Underfloor Heating

In Europe, especially in the northern part, underfloor heating is increasingly becoming popular. As the demand of people increases for electric underfloor heating, universal cables and inscreed cables were also widely used as the most advantageous heating solutions for all types of structures. There are specific inscreed cable products offered in the market that are considered to be versatile heating cables and suitable for new screed floors of conservatories and standard rooms.

New screed floors, which are 50 mm depth or more, can be provided with under-floor heating. This is possible by using the Conservatory InScreed Cable Kit and InScreed Cable for Standard Rooms, which both have a 10-year guarantee.

The Conservatory InScreed Cable Kit, which was created because of the increasing demands for underfloor heating systems, has a heat output of 150 to 200 watts per square metre. It provides an effective and practical way to heat conservatories, especially during cold days. In addition, the product’s installation is easily accomplished by connecting the cable to the supply at one end only, which means less time in installation.

Furthermore, standard rooms, which include dining rooms, utilities, kitchen and other internal rooms, can also be incorporated with underfloor heating through the InScreed Cable for Standard Rooms. This product is designed to heat a room and has a heat output of 130 to 160 watts (approximately). Like the Conservatory InScreed Cable Kit, this product also consumes less installation time.

The inscreed cable kits are of high quality and are guaranteed to last long and provide heating in new floor constructions. With this cable, consumers can enjoy the conservatories and other rooms in their houses during cold days.

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