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How to increase the value of your home for sale

It is quite a tough market out there, when it comes to selling a home. Buyers are looking t get the best value for money so you need to make sure you are offering that when selling your home.

There are a number of ways in which the value of your home can increased and made attractive to potential house buyers, without going to the expense of adding extensions, or landscaping your garden. If the exterior of the house is in good condition and the gardens are tidy, by concentrating on the inside of your home can add greatly to both the price and attractiveness to buyers.

Light roomThe odd small defect will not affect the value of a property, but many defects will have a certainly devalue the house and is sure to put buyers off. Some examples of typical defects than can be found are catches that do not work properly, windows that will not open, taps that are dripping and sealants in bathrooms, showers and kitchens that are dirty or showing mould growth. Cracked tiles in bathrooms and kitchens are sure to discourage buyers, as will old and worn flooring in a kitchen or bathroom.

Decorations are very personal and the chances of a new home owner not wanting to change decor is unlikely, but if your walls and paintwork is looking tired, is chipped or marked, for just a few pounds per room, give a fresh coat of paint to the doors and skirting boards, and a coat of emulsion to the walls; this with give a fresh and clean look. If you use a neutral colour, a new buyer may well be content to live with this for a long time before deciding to change it.

The next place to concentrate on is the kitchen; this can make or break a house sale and without going to the expense of replacing all the units a few simple changes can give it a whole new look. Providing that the units are in reasonable condition and the doors and drawers open and close easily, fitting new handles may be just enough. Worktops are critical as along with the doors and handles, the part that buyers will notice most. Fitting new worktops will not be expensive and will give a kitchen a new look.

Lighting is another area that can be improved if you still have a pendant hanging down from the ceiling. Replace this with a modern halogen spots on a circular or arm fitting, under cabinet lights are also attractive. Flooring is important and should be in good condition and easy to clean, any ceramic tiles at the sink should be good condition and the grout replaced if dirty.

handlesIf kitchens sell homes, bathrooms certainly do and this is one place where spending a few pounds can pay dividends. This needs to look hygienic and attractive and the tiling is one area that will stand out if it is not pristine. Ensure all the tiles are in good condition and if they are remove all the old grout and replace it, you will be surprised at the effect it can have. Fit a new toilet seat with a modern wooden one and redecorate the walls and ceiling in a neutral, preferably off white shade. Again replace a single pendant with a modern triple halogen spotlight which will only cost a few pounds.

If you have a shower cabinet make sure that this is thoroughly cleaned and if the shower head is stained or has limescale, replace it the cost will only be a few pounds. If you do not have a separate shower but have one over the bath, what is the curtain like, a few pounds again will be all it costs to replace it. It is worth considering fitting an electric shower over the bath if you do not have one; a shower is what most house buyers like to see. Again the flooring in the bathroom is very important and unless it is in excellent condition, because the room is possibly small, have a new cork tiled or a modern vinyl one.

small bathroom

So with just a modest outlay, a few DIY skills, you will have not only made your property a more attractive proposition for a potential buyer, you will have added more value.

Images courtesy of Nicole Franzen, Caitlin Creer and Pink Wallpaper Design



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