Imperial Bathroom products – Ideal for any bathroom

The Imperial furniture collection reflects the company’s core values, namely Imperial’s undying passion for traditional forms of craftsmanship. Their line of artisan bathroom furniture is all hand-crafted in the United Kingdom using ancient artisan techniques, handed down through the generations, and solid, high-quality woods and wood veneers. Imperial ensures that each piece is made for rigorous use in everyday life and guaranteed to serve individuals and families for years to come. Moreover, the timeless beauty of this furniture will ensure its enduring fashion and appeal.

Imperial’s North Shore line features white cabinetry and oak accents and tops giving the collection a timeless feel. The Cuda Metal Weave has a much more industrial feel, merging blacks, whites, and slate grey metal accents. Cuda Wood is, perhaps, the most solidly natural of all the lines. Dominated by oak-colour wood and leather accents, each piece in this line seems best suited to rustic retreats and those urban dwellers fantasizing about their returns to such places.

The Linea line is composed of light wood and airy, open cabinetry. Like the Cuda Metal Weave, the Linea line incorporates metal panels into its end panels, uniquely fusing the natural and the industrial in an appealing and even artistic way. The Esteem line achieves a similar effect, but a darker grained wood lends this line an almost Asian sensibility.

Imperial also has a diverse range of bathtub panels, ranging from the Deco-esque Linea to the geometrical, metal-wood-and-black of the Esteem to the simple organic quality of the Shaker.

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