How to Repair and Hang Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are designed to carry rainwater away from a house or structure.  However, over a period of time gutters can fall into a state of disrepair, as does anything exposed to the elements.

If you have removed your gutters to inspect them and repair any holes, now is a good time to clean them using a wire brush and hot water.  ake a bucket of water and pour it down the gutter and if it starts to drip or leak, mark the spot and allow the gutter to dry.  Once dry, spread a thin coat of fibreglass resin over the hole, fit a fibreglass mesh patch over the resin and finish with a second coat of resin.  Then let the patch dry completely.

You are now almost ready to re-hang the gutter using either the existing brackets, if they are in good condition or new ones, where necessary.  Also take the opportunity to check that the fascia and rafter tails are not damaged.

Using a spirit level and a length of string to mark the slope, ensure that the line of the gutter slopes towards the downspout, adjusting any brackets that are incorrectly positioned.  Clip or screw the gutter to the brackets and pour a bucket of water down it to check that the water flows freely to the downspout and that there are no leaks at the joints between sections of gutter.

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