How to Heat Carpeted Floors

Carpet floor heating comes with a number of unique issues that need to be addressed.  While it is possible to accomplish this, it will be important to fully understand these issues before proceeding.

One of the first things to understand is tog ratings.  Tog is the measurement of thermal resistance that a particular material has.  The higher the tog rating is on your carpet, the more resistant it is to heat.  What this means is that it will be more difficult for your underfloor heating system to penetrate your carpet.  This could lead to poor heating in your room.

Most underfloor heating systems require a combined tog value of less than two.  The combination of materials is made up of your carpet and the underlay.  In this case, the underlay is the material between your underfloor heating system and your carpet.  So you want to pick carpet that is warm and cosy but you have to keep in mind that a low tog value is important.  This may impact the overall quality of the carpet you select.  Picking the right underlay is also difficult because it needs to be strong enough to provide enough support for the carpet.  In most cases, a laminate or thin piece of timber board is used.

Keep in mind that there are several different versions of underfloor heating systems that can be used with carpet.  Some will have higher tog rates than others so look for a system that accommodates your needs.

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