How to Fix Squeaking Doors

Squeaking doors are a common problem even if they are more annoying than dangerous. Nonetheless, they can be easily remedied so there is no need to put up with that groaning noise on every opening.

Doors squeak when there is a build up of friction between the hinge and the hinge pin. A quick fix is to simply spray lubricant into the hinges. This may be sufficient, but often it only works temporarily.  A better solution is to remove the hinge pin by tapping it out with a screwdriver and hammer. Wipe the pin down with a cloth to remove any dust or rust that trapped in the hinge and causing friction. You may also want to rub the hinge pin with iron wool to get it clean and smooth. Coat the pin in graphite or silicone lubricant, as they usually last longer than other lubricants.  Next replace the pin in the hinge and repeat this for the other hinges.

This should deal with almost all squeaks, but if it persists it may be a sign of an underlying problem with the way the door is hung. Check that the hinges are screwed in tightly and the plate is flush with the frame and door. If the door is not hanging straight, the pin will rub up tightly against the hinge. A particularly large and heavy door may be squeaking because the weight is too much for the hinge to bear without friction building up. In this case use stronger hinges or add an extra hinge to distribute the load.

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