How to fix a Toilet Flush

It may seem like there are several things that can go wrong with toilets and their cisterns, each one either resulting in the user being unable to use the flush or with water all over their bathroom floor. However, there are really only two repairs that DIY amateurs need to know when it comes to the lavatory, yet these two simple repairs can usually resolve any toilet trouble.

Replacing the Flap Valve

A toilet that is failing to flush, or that will only flush after you have pulled the chain several times, probably needs its flap valve replacing. Once you have turned off the water supply, take the top off the cistern and look behind the float arm for a large nut. After emptying the cistern completely by giving the toilet one more flush, you need to loosen this nut and remove the device that connects the chain itself to the flap. At this point, the flap valve should fall out, allowing you to remove it from the cistern before installing a new one.

Repairing the Ball Valve

Repairing or replacing the ball valve will stop leaking or dripping cisterns. After turning off the water supply you need to remove the ball valve float from the water supply pipe before checking to see if it is holding water or leaking. If it is leaking you will need to replace it completely, but if it seems intact it can be screwed back into place more securely.

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