How to Decorate Tiles

If you are bored with the tiles you already have in your bathroom or kitchen, but you do not want to replace them, then you might consider decorating them.  DIY stores often supply specialist tile paint in a range of colours and finishes.  Before you do this, you must sand down the existing tiles, so that paint can be applied without a primer or undercoat.  An alternative is to buy tile primer.  This can be applied to the tiles, and then ordinary emulsion can be painted over the top.  When you have completed this task, you must seal the job with clear sealant, as this will make your tiles waterproof.  Alternatively, you can use decorative transfers, often stocked by large DIY stores. 

However, if either painting your tiles or sticking transfers does not appeal to you, it is possible to tile directly over existing tiles.  You can apply new tiles on top, as if you were tiling onto a new wall.  You must however make sure the original tiles are clean and free from grease.  Additionally, do not try to line up the grout of the new tiles with the grout of the old tiles, as this will make for a weak tiling job.  You must use tile spaces as you normally would, and stick the tiles on with the correct adhesive. 

Sometimes a poor grouting job will ruin a whole wall of tiles.  When this is the case, rather than decorate or replace existing tiles, you simply need to re-grout the wall.  To do this, scrape out as much of the old grout ad you can.  Use an old screwdriver or chisel to do this.  Now you can re-grout and polish your tiles, making them look as good as new.

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