How to Clean Brushes and Rollers

When you plan to complete a paint job in your home, you must decide whether you wish to buy cheap brushes and rollers just to be used for one specific job, or whether you invest in better quality brushes and rollers.  If you invest in better quality brushes and rollers, you will need to clean and look after them after each paint job to make them last longer.

Cleaning off Excess Paint

When you’ve finished a job, you must clean off as much excess paint as you can from your brush or roller.  Do this by scraping the tool on the side of the tin or tray.  Following this, work it backwards and forwards across a sheet of newspaper to remove much of the extra paint.

Cleaning Water-based Paint from Brushes

Simply take the brush to the sink and wash off any water-based paint from outside the bristles.  Following this you should hold the brush under the tap with the bristles facing upwards.  Work water into the brush.  You should then squeeze the brush against the sink to release more paint.  Keep doing this until the water runs completely clear.

Cleaning Solvent-based Paints from Brushes

Solvent-based paint is more stubborn to clean.  What you must do is pour white spirit into a jar (enough to cover the bristles), then stand the brush inside this jar to get out as much paint as possible.  When the brush seems fairly clean you can use hot soapy water to wash away the white spirit.

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