How to choose the right shower tray

One sentence you will see from time to time while shopping for shower enclosures is, “Shower tray not included.” That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as shower trays come in different materials and styles, and you will want to pick the right one for you and your shower.

First, choose your shower tray material. Shower trays come in ceramic, resin-stone and acrylic. Ceramic offers a high quality, but may be overkill for a home shower; ceramic shower trays are most often used in heavy-use, commercial settings. The less-expensive resin-stone is the more common shower tray for the home, and is a solid pick. The acrylic shower tray costs the least, and is the lightest in feel and warmest to the touch. You’ll appreciate that on cold, winter days.

As far as the shape goes, you are limited to the shape of the shower you have chosen. You do need to decide between flat-top and up-stand shower trays, though. A flat-top can be prone to leaking where the door or panel meets the shower tray. Even if the shower enclosure is sealed with silicone, over time you may see leaking. The up-stand shower tray offers a more permanent fit, but some consumers complain that they are hard to keep clean.

One thing to remember when purchasing a shower tray: Just as the shower enclosure doesn’t come with the shower tray, the shower tray doesn’t come with the shower tray waste cap. That will be yet another separate purchase.

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