How to Build a Brick Barbeque: Part One – Preparation

Nothing adds a bit of posh feel to your back garden or yard like a beautiful brick barbeque and building one isn’t all that hard to do!

Before you begin, there are two things to consider: placement and size. It’s important to think carefully through the positioning, because once there, it cannot be moved. So take stock of the surrounding area, views from the house, and other factors before starting to build.

*Don’t select too remote of a location; it’s generally best to build close to the kitchen.

*Ensure your barbeque won’t be a fire hazard by selecting a location away from trees, fences, hedges, etc.

*Consider your views; you may not want to select a position in direct view from your house.

The size of the charcoal pan and grill will determine the size of your frame, so you will need to purchase those first, taking into consideration how much area you have and how big of a barbeque is feasible for that area. The last thing you want is a behemoth in your back garden.

With size and location determined, the next thing to consider is foundation. The barbeque will be heavy and you will need a firm and a level foundation to support it. If you are building on an existing patio, this may be already taken care of. However, if you’re building in your garden, you will need a concrete foundation. Once your foundation is built, then you are set to build.

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