How to Assemble Flat-Pack Cabinets

If you are putting your new kitchen together yourself, it is likely that the majority of the cabinets will arrive in flat-pack form, which you will have to assemble.

Sometimes flat-pack furniture can be tricky to put together for a multitude of reasons.  In order to be successful at assembling your new cabinets you should ensure that you have enough space to spread out the different components while you are assembling the furniture.  You should also take care about where you keep all the small pieces, such as screws and bolts, during the assembly process.  We recommend you store them in a jar so that they do not become lost while you work your way through kitchen units.

A further piece of advice to take into consideration when assembling your new kitchen cabinets is that the largest units should be put together first.  Following this, items should be put together in the order in which they will be installed in the kitchen.  You will then be able to position the items correctly as you put them together.

An Extra Pair of Hands

Some of your cabinets are likely to require an extra person, perhaps even two, to help put them together.  Assembling flat-pack furniture with another persons’ help can sometimes be a stressful process, particularly when the written instructions are unclear and the two of you disagree on the best way forward.  Therefore, when you ask someone to help you put your cabinets together, you should choose them carefully.  Ideally, you need someone who will listen to you and follow your lead.

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