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Houses in national parks and areas of outstanding beauty still command a premium

Despite the popularity of urban living in the UK over the past decade, those still looking for properties in national parks and areas of outstanding beauty still have to pay a premium according to new research.

New research from estate agents Savills show that the average sale price for a detached house within a National Park or AONB is now £450,000. This is compared to properties in the same county but not within the national park or AONB boundaries which are a more conservative £347,000. This is a hefty 29.7% premium for buyers searching for their perfect property in these locations.

The most expensive areas were still found in the South with the Surrey Hills coming out on top with an average sale price of £963,000. Other areas that topped the list included the South Downs and Cotswolds, with the Midlands and Wales seeing strong growth.

Emerging prime areas such as Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs averaged a sale price of £507,000, 26.5% more than the rest of the area, while in the North the Howardian Hills, maintained a 36.9% premium over the surrounding county.

A spokesman for Savills said, “Although we believe the trend for urban living will continue for at least the medium term, villages and rural countryside now represent good value in comparison to larger towns, and an overall good buy opportunity”.



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