Home improvements that save energy

In the current economic climate and the impending climate change, saving energy in the home has become a priority for most of us. There are various ways to save energy in the home while being eco-friendly at the same time, here are some of the best ways to save money and help the environment:

•    Fitting roof and pipe insulation; this will keep the heat in your house, saving you money on your heating bills.
•    Upgrading your windows and doors to double glazing. Double glazing can reduce heat loss from your house by up to 50% and is a great way to lower your bills.
•    Buy energy efficient household appliances. Over the last few years there has been an increase in energy efficient products hitting the market from washing machines and fridge freezers to televisions and kettles. Energy efficient products help the environment by cutting down on harmful pollutants caused by energy companies.
•    Changing to energy saving light bulbs; this one is pretty self-explanatory, they save energy and last a lot longer than standard light bulbs.
•    Change your old log fire for a gas fire. Installing a gas fireplace in place of your coal or log fire will cut down on harmful pollutants going into the atmosphere and will also save you money.
•    Cavity wall insulation. This is similar to roof insulation in that it reduces heat loos from the house. Cavity wall insulation is installed by drilling a series of holes in the wall and pumping the insulation into the wall cavity.

There are many more energy saving home improvements on the market, so it’s best to have a look round and see which ones are suitable for you and your home.

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