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Home gym – in the garden

With the UK’s inclement weather now well underway, it is not always tempting to pop off to the gym for that all-important training session.

Consider installing a garden studio and fitting it out with all the kit required for a home-based workout.

Raise that heartbeat

Whether you are a rowing enthusiast, runner or circuit-training fan, contemplate the idea of training in the privacy of your own home in a purpose-built gymnasium.  Suburban homes are generally a tad small to accommodate all the paraphernalia required to kit out a quality exercise space, however, Oeco have a solution to this particular dilemma.

All the bells and whistles

Discover how these contemporary structures can be custom-built in the garden by viewing the design specifications online at Oeco (  Begin by compiling a list of the equipment required for a good work-out and work with the team to compose a drawing that would comfortably house everything.  A shower and toilet may be an optional extra and could add a sense of completeness to the master plan.


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