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Health Benefits of Underfloor Heating

There are numerous benefits to having underfloor heating systems installed in your home. One of the key features that should never be overlooked is the potential health benefit. It is not immediately obvious that underfloor heating is any more beneficial to your health than having a warm house heated with conventional radiators, but when you stop and look at the facts you will see that is could just be the answer you have been looking for.

The reason underfloor heating is better for your health is down to dust or to be more precise, the lack of dust. Such a system means that the initial heat is being generated at a floor level, which prevents the moisture content in the floor increasing. As dust mites need moisture to breed and multiply, by drying out the whole building, from the ground up, you are making it much harder for these mites to survive in the first place. This is excellent news for anyone who has an asthma type condition, where dust can be a massive irritant and cause breathing problems if not controlled efficiently.

With underfloor heating, the warmth rises from the floor and circles the room, before hitting the walls and ceilings. With conventional wall mounted radiators, little heat ever reaches the area between floor level and the first couple of feet in the room, so dust mites are in heaven, as it is a lovely little moisture trap.


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