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Growing peas

Growing peas in the garden can produce a crop that is far sweeter than shop bought produce.  The main reason for this is freshness.  When peas are picked, their sugar content starts to turn to starch, so picking peas out of the garden and eating them raw or cooked straight away means a higher sugar content, giving a sweeter taste.

Peas should be planted in an open area that gets sunlight and has not been used to grow peas for two seasons.  Sow the seeds around 2 inches deep in damp soil leaving around 12 inches between rows.  Once planted, it is advisable to cover the seeds with netting or branches to protect from birds. Germination can be expected to occur within 7-10 days.  When the plants start to grow it is a good idea to place twigs or bamboo canes next to the stems to offer the plants support.


Pods are ready for picking after around 12-16 weeks, when there is still a little space between peas in the pod but the pod is filled.  Regular picking is advised to produce a bigger crop.


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