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Government hopes to free land with a change to the rules

The Government has announced that the rules currently in place on brownfield sites are to be removed in an effort to free up land for development, with more homes being built for first time buyers. The government is aiming for the housing budget to be directed towards new low cost homes for sale for first time buyers. In addition, George Osborne said that housing association tenants are to be given the right to buy their homes.

In another announcement the chancellor sad the it is planned that the government will bring forward sales of land, buildings and other assets, that it currently owns, this will raise a sum up to £5 billion over the course of this Parliament. The revenue from these sales will be used to help fund new infrastructure projects.

He also said that a new independent National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) is being created; this body will be charged with the task of offering unbiased analysis of the UK’s long term infrastructure needs under the chairmanship of Lord Andrew Adonis. He has already spoken about the need for bold initiatives that are required to build the huge number of new homes so badly needed. It thought that up to 40 towns and cities in southern England could be doubled in size to deal with the country’s housing crisis.

Lord Adonis is very much in favour of building a new generation of garden cities or garden extensions to existing towns. He considers that government should directly intervene to extend considerably towns which include Guildford, Norwich, Reading, Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon. He is also keen to back a new requirement on local authorities making them use more of their public land for housing. It is believed that this will mean central and local government leading development in partnership with the private and voluntary sectors.

Chief Executive of the British Property Federation, Melanie Leech, has warmly welcomed the news, she hoped that they would lead to discussion as to whether large scale housing schemes could be considered within significant infrastructure projects. This would mean that the development industry would be in a position to deliver a large number of homes, quickly.



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