General DIY – Safety Precautions

When engaging in do-it-yourself (DIY) work, it is vital to employ adequate safety measures and take proper safety precautions. Statistically speaking, the majority of the accidents that occur in the home are due to inadequate safety precautions and are preventable. As a DIY’er, you must remain aware at all times of the potential for disaster, especially in a home with children, and have safety as your number-one priority at all times.

Here are a few tips on DIY safety:

  • Wear protective clothing where needed, such as a dust mask for woodworking, gloves for handling dangerous glues and chemicals, or goggles for metalworking.
  • Keep your room or work area well ventilated. This is especially important in a house with young children.
  • Never use paints or chemicals that generate toxic fumes and never smoke around paint and chemicals. Also, never leave machinery, chemicals, and electrical or unsafe items unattended or exposed where children may be able to reach them.
  • Always make sure to use the correct tools for the job and to store them safely. It is unwise to cut costs on cheap but inefficient, inferior tools.
  • Always disconnect the power supply before embarking on electrical work and wear rubber soles.
  • When using knives, cut away from your body, not toward it. Store knives and sharp instruments in a secure place, especially if you have children at home.
  • Keep a chemical fire extinguisher handy and never use water to put out an electrical fire.
  • Make sure your ladder is securely positioned and stable – unfortunately, ladder accidents account for a large number of home accidents.


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