Gazebos – perfect for lazy summer days!

Whether you’re in need of a sheltered area for a social function, want to improve your garden by providing it with a useful focus, or need to knock something up in a hurry as economically as possible for a private party, a garden gazebo is the natural choice. The open tents familiar from garden fetes are just one form of gazebo available, as they come in all shapes, sizes, styles and materials you can imagine. Indeed, one of the gazebo’s biggest selling points is its flexibility.

The average back garden can benefit enormously if it’s focused around a small, wrought-iron arbour incorporating a few seats or a bench. Alternatively, you might want to consider the luxury of a bespoke wooden gazebo, constructed from traditional timber, as a permanent fixture in your garden. A wood gazebo blends in organically with the trees and shrubs and makes an attractive alternative to a garden hut, a space to hang out during the mild weather.

But for many people maybe strapped for cash in the current economic climate, a simple canopy gazebo is more than enough to provide focus, shelter and a great setting for social events. People prefer some form of covered space rather than an open garden when it comes to socialising, and a canopy gazebo provides just that. It can be easily set up before the event and packed safely away afterwards.

A patio gazebo is a good choice for those wishing to add another space onto the back of the house that can be used during mild spells, and makes an economical alternative to an extension.

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