Gazebos – creating a focal point for your garden

To ensure years of enjoyment from your garden gazebo, it is important that it is cared for and maintained properly.  Of course, it depends what material your gazebo is made from.

If your gazebo is made from vinyl then all that is required is an occasional wash with soap and water.  Vinyl gazebos are the easiest to maintain.  Another low maintenance choice is a gazebo made from wrought iron.  Like a vinyl gazebo, wrought iron is maintained with soap and water but benefits from an annual spray of polyurethane spray to preserve the newness of the gazebo.

The most popular choice for gazebos is wood.  To maintain your wooden gazebo keep the structure clear of pants and bushes, trim them regularly to prevent them dampening the wood.  Keep the outside of your gazebo clear of clutter to ensure a constant airflow.

Gazebos that are built from pressure treated wood need the minimum of looking after; apply a water-repellent sealer every two or three years.  Make sure that you apply the sealer to all the exposed wood.  The sealer can be used immediately on buying the gazebo to keep its newness or applied at a later day to allow it to take on a more weathered appearance.

If you decide to paint your gazebo rather than leaving it natural, then wash it with warm water and a mild detergent.  Use a soft bristled paintbrush and be careful especially when the paint is few years old and is starting to peel. 

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