Gazebo Storage

Proper gazebo storage is something that a lot of owners overlook. A badly stored gazebo can become damaged quickly, which results in much wasted time and money.

It is important that if you do not have a permanent gazebo you should tidy and store all of the necessary parts correctly. This will make the job of finding and re-installing them a lot simpler and a lot less of a chore.

Never throw away the original packaging that a standard gazebo comes in. The parts can easily be folded or taken apart and fitted back into the packaging that they arrived in. This will save you a lot of space as opposed to throwing everything into a cardboard box that the gazebo doesn’t fit into properly.

Gazebos will often be left unused for long periods of time, particularly during the winter months, and you need to store them in a safe and dry place. Storing the parts in a damp, unused garage will often cause the parts to deteriorate, stain and maybe rust.

Never force the gazebo parts into a box if they do not fit correctly – it is always best to have a bigger box that the parts fit into nicely than have a box that’s too small; this can lead to a support pole being snapped or a small tear appearing in the canopy cover.

The last thing to remember is to simply use some common sense. Think about where you are storing your gazebo and how you are preparing it for storage. These decisions could make a big difference by the time you come to use it again.

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