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Choosing the right timber for the deck

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

A deck is a popular addition to a garden and choosing a sunny spot, where a barbeque can be within easy reach is an ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon, but choosing the right material for the decking is just as important as the position in the garden. The deck is perfect for family […]

What type of lawnmower should you choose?

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

If you have a house or a property with any area of lawn or turf, it’s most likely that it’s your responsibility for the upkeep of the grass area and keeping it tidy. You have two options for this: hiring a gardener to cut the grass for you, or buying your own lawnmower to do […]

Removing a tree

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Trees can shroud a garden in darkness, hide beautiful views and interfere with power cables.  In some cases, a property and its outdoor space can be greatly improved by chopping a tree down. If an individual wishes to remove a tree independently, it is important to remain safe and in control at all times throughout.  […]

Growing peas

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Growing peas in the garden can produce a crop that is far sweeter than shop bought produce.  The main reason for this is freshness.  When peas are picked, their sugar content starts to turn to starch, so picking peas out of the garden and eating them raw or cooked straight away means a higher sugar […]

How to create a wildlife pond

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Creating a fishpond can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming but creating a wildlife pond is far easier and cheaper with arguably greater rewards. The requirements are minimal; a liner and some sand. Two types of liner are available, pre-formed and flexible but the flexible liner is probably the most sensible option as it allows […]

The Perfect Patio

Monday, August 27th, 2012

There is no reason why a patio has to be right outside your back door.  To begin with, look at the overall shape of your garden, at what must remain and what can be moved.  It might be that a patio will work best away from the house.  Consider the light at different times of […]

Building a gravel path

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

A gravel path is simple to make and is also an attractive addition to your garden. It is a popular type of path to lay down and it does not take a lot of time to make and is easy enough for everyone to create. A benefit of this type of path is that it […]

Watering Garden Plants

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Watering is essential during the first few weeks of bedding out annuals, and also during perennials’ first year of planting, especially in any dry spells. Once the plants have been established, there will usually be no need for regular watering except in times of drought. During a lengthy period of drought, plants should be checked […]

DIY: Make your home and garden look like your own paradise

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Home improvements Making home improvements is easy by yourself, but is not as simple as people think.  It is something, however, that is possible if you are an individual who is keen to learn.  You can easily install items such as shelves and you can fix doors, cupboards and windows.  Basically, you can focus on […]

DIY Tips - Digging

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

When digging in the garden or allotment, be sure to choose the right time. The soil should not be hard and dry, but neither should it be so wet that it sticks to the boots. It’s also important to use the correct sort of tool, with a spade for the more general work and a […]