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Garden rooms for kids

Many parents will know that young children love the allure of playing in tents, tree houses and Wendy houses. Some parents also yearn for a separate playroom to contain the mountain of children’s toys that accumulate. A quiet room is also a handy place for a child’s education as somewhere for young ones to read and complete homework.

Listen in

A sensible and environmentally friendly, as well as budget friendly option is to have an Oeco garden room installed. The professional and speedy construction of these heated structures can be adjusted to accommodate any garden space and usually does not require planning permission. Monitors can be placed inside the garden retreat in order to keep tabs on the proceedings at the bottom of the garden.

The interior could be described as luxurious and garden room specialists Oeco work with only the highest possible standards. All structures installed come with a 10 year guarantee, further cementing the confidence that Oeco garden rooms have in their environmentally friendly wooden garden buildings. The satisfaction of the parents that opt for a garden room for their kids is well documented, but the satisfaction of the children goes without saying.


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