Furniture Design Choices

Contemporary furniture makes use of a vast range of fabrics, materials and colour schemes, as opposed to the fairly uniform use of wood and darker colours characteristic of traditional furniture. This new and fresh approach has its origins some years back in the early part of the 20th century, when movements like Bauhaus swept across the design world, with a raft of fresh ideas from young designers who saw a need for change.  This has fed into contemporary furniture design ever since, with Italy after the devastation of World War II seeing a need for cheap and functional furniture and using diverse materials and modern production techniques to supply it.  This in turn was the origin of today’s successful designer furniture companies in northern Italy, with firms like Bontempi, Calligaris, Magis and Effezeta leading the way with exciting new contemporary furniture products.

Designer furniture is now widely available across the world thanks to the efforts of companies such as these, who are eager to experiment with new concepts and consider the use of any materials to serve their ends of bringing a vast range of choice and quality to today’s consumer.

Modern homes, as you may see from any interior design magazine, tend to go for the open look exemplified in Scandinavia, with polished floors and rugs replacing traditional carpets, light and open spaces, and clean lines.  Contemporary furniture design is especially suited to such environments and brings them to fruition in terms of aesthetic and comfort.

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