From the quarry to your home - granite worktops

Granite is an igneous rock which if formed by magma and is a major part of the Earths continental crust; it is typically made up of mica, feldspar and quartz. Granite is hard and durable and has gained widespread use as a constructional material, where it is used for floors, pillars and granite worktops.

Granite comes in many different colours including black, white, brown and red and is caused by differing percentages of the three main minerals mica, feldspar and quartz. This makes every granite deposit unique and gives it its thought after veining and crystallisation appearance.

Once the granite has been excavated from the earth, it needs to be cut into manageable pieces for further refinement. This is no easy task as granite is second only to diamond in hardness, but is generally done by using diamond tipped circular saw and water coolant.

When the granite has been cut into a manageable size its sides are roughly smoothed before being ground and polished. The granite worktops are polished to a glossy, glass like finish then shipped to the granite workshop. From there it can be ordered by a customer to their specific requirements, whether it is for floor tiles or worktops.

The granite has now come from under the ground and ended up as a shiny worktop in your house that is strong and durable enough to last a life time.


Picture courtesy of Granite-Charlotte

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