Fixing an accessory to a tiled wall

Fixing an accessory to a tiled wall perhaps in the bathroom or kitchen may sound a simple thing to do, but it can be fraught the dangers if you are not familiar with drilling a highly glazed tile. The last thing that you want is a cracked tile, especially if you have not got a spare one, getting a replacement may not be all that easy! Often you can buy accessories that are ceramic and matching, these can often be adhered to the tile, if the same size as the tile, can take its place, so take a look round a DIY or tile supplier.

Drilling into the tile can be effective if you take these precautions; taking care, first try tapping the point of your masonry bit to break the glaze on the tile, do not be too heavy handed! Alternatively and possibly a better way is to place masking tape on the area that you want to drill,  using the accessory screw fixing holes as a template to mark where to drill, the tape will stop the drill from slipping. Dust from drilling can discolour grouting so vacuum up when finished; however, if you find the grouting becomes discoloured there are whitening products available. Do not tighten the accessory screws; you will end up with a cracked tile for certain of you do.

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