Fitting Bathroom Cabinets

Adding bathroom cabinets are the easiest and most effective way of increasing floor space in your bathroom. However, many homeowners seem reluctant to take on the work themselves, perhaps reasoning that they stand to spoil or damage the bathroom walls if they make a mistake.

This need not be the case; simply following a few basic rules will make installation cost-effective and incident-free.

The first thing to remember is that there are different bathroom cabinets for different uses. Choosing which is the right one for your bathroom is by far the most important consideration.

Firstly, determine exactly where you want to place the cabinet. Then mark off the area. Using wall studs rather than nails is a sensible choice, as you can never be sure just how heavy your cabinet might become and nails bend easily under weight.

Make sure everything is level. Once you have driven the screws in, there is little margin for error. Having to remove the bathroom cabinet to realign screws is frustrating and time-consuming.

Position your cabinet on the screws and hold. Having a friend to assist you at this point is a good idea. Working alone, it is impossible for you to make sure, for certain, that everything is straight.

Really that is all there is to it. Now, all that remains is to decide on a colour to complement the rest of the bathroom furniture. If you decide to repaint, think of the money you have just saved by not employing a handyman to install your cabinet.

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