Fitting a Replacement Fireplace

It is a fairly easy job to fit a replacement fireplace.  The main thing is to make certain that you have a completely clean and open flue before you even think of connecting your new replacement unit.  If you have a blocked flue it will cause smoke and fumes to come back down and fill the room, so it is best to get a professional chimneysweep in to give it all a look over when you think you have finished opening it up.

It is messy to clear out the hole itself, but it is very straightforward apart from that.  Next what you will want to do is essentially to get the old fireback out and settle a new one in.  The fireback comes in two parts that fit together and protect the back of the chimney breast from getting scorched and cracked when the fire is lit.

Use mortar to smooth over any gaps once the new firebrick is in position, then fit a grate for the new fireplace or decorate the space with a floral display.  Remember to get a professional to check the flue for problems and obstructions if the fireplace is not decorative and you are intending to light a fire in it.

A fireback can be got from any builder’s merchant, and the lower part should be fitted in place first before settling the upper part on top of it.  When it is complete, use mortar to make a neat and continuously sloping flaunching at the point where the fireback meets the flue. 

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