Finding Space for a Second Bathroom

The larger your family is, the more significant the need for a second bathroom becomes.  Even in small homes, flats and apartments, there is usually space to be found for a second bathroom, which, for the sake of family peace, can become a priority.

One of the first things to consider when thinking of a second bathroom in your home is the existing bathroom layout.  Many bathrooms were added onto homes when indoor plumbing was first introduced and not much consideration was given to layout.  Some bathrooms are large, inefficient wastes of space that could be consolidated into two smaller bathrooms.  Alternatively the space could be provided with sufficient privacy to enable two people to use the area simultaneously, perhaps by partitioning off the loo.  The biggest reason to consider the existing space is economics, if the plumbing is already there, the cost and effort will be minimised. 

While you may think your home already feels small and that a second bathroom is out of the question, consider how luxurious it would be to never have to wait to use the shower or the toilet or to never hear that inevitable banging on the door as soon as you settle into your bath.  Surely this is worth a corner from a bedroom, a portion of the living room or even a trade-off for a smaller kitchen?  While it may take some reconfiguration of your living spaces, adding a second bathroom, especially one just large enough to include a small shower tray, it is well worth the investment.

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