Easy steps to fitting a Venetian blind

Venetian blinds are a great, relatively inexpensive, alternative to curtains.  They come in a range of sizes and can be made to measure.  Here is a simple guide to fitting them:

If the blind is to be fitted into the window recess, measure the width at both the top and bottom of the opening.  If the dimensions are different, then use the smaller one.  Allow about a 9mm clearance at each end.

Screw the brackets into place so that when the blind is hanging it will not catch on any handles.  The end brackets should be about 75mm in from the ends of the head rail.

Mount the head rail into the brackets.  You will find that some are clamped whilst others use a swivel catch that locks in place.

Check that the blind is working properly by raising and lowering it.  To lower the blind, you need to pull the cord across the front of the blind; this releases the lock mechanism which lets the cord slide through your hand as the blind lowers.  Tilt the slats using the control wand by rotating it slightly.

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