Don’t Forget the Designer Radiator during Your Bathroom Remodel

Gone are the days of plain, white – or whatever colour you painted it – radiators. Designer radiators now come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, and no bathroom remodel would be complete without one.

The Blaze designer radiator features a stunning, geometrical construction and comes in an anthracite or silver finish. This designer radiator might even pass for a work of art in your bathroom, as it looks more like a contemporary door panel than a radiator. The specs are 880 BTU per hour, 258 watts.

Looking to give your bathroom an Asian-inspired décor? Then the distinctive, block styling of the Keiko designer radiator will fit right in. Anthracite and silver finishes are available. The specs are 723 BTU, 212 watts.

The wave-shaped Kingston Chrome is another contemporary option in designer radiators. Looking nothing like the radiators of old, this designer radiator will keep you warm while looking cool. The specs are 1,514 BTU, 443 watts.

Those looking for a designer radiator to do double duty as a towel warmer will want to check out the Spirit 950. With its chromed solid brass and a white, painted-steel insert, it looks like a modern version of the old cast-iron radiators. It would work perfectly in a period bathroom. The specs are 1,801 BTU, 528 watts.

Finally, the sleek look of the Pro Linea designer radiator will complement a bathroom with clean, modern stainless-steel fixtures. The specs are 3478 BTU, 1020 watts.

To find a designer radiator for your bathroom remodel project simply search for “designer radiator” or “designer radiators” online. With all of these designer radiator options, radiator valves must be purchased separately.

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