DIY Tips - Wiring a Plug

Wiring a plug is a simple job yet it is essential that it is done correctly as with any electrical DIY task. Plugs get pulled out of sockets and thrown around, therefore wiring correctly and making it secure ensures everyone’s safety.

Firstly, remove the cover and, whilst holding the cable, trim the correct amount of sheath along the length and peel back.  The plastic clamp must cover the sheath and not touch the wires, as an indicator of where to cut.  Lay the cable against the plug and check that the wires fit in exactly where they should.  These may need trimming and should be stripped of around 10mm of insulation from the ends.  This can be done with wire strippers or a sharp knife.  Connect each stripped part of wire to the correct point.  There is usually a small hole and a screw to hold it in place.  Once done, secure the cable in place with the cable clamp, but be careful not to over-tighten this.  Screw the back of the plug firmly and it is ready to use again.

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