DIY Tips - Wallpaper Stripping


Before you set out to repaper or paint a wall, you should remove any existing wallpaper from the area.  This can be a relatively easy task – although it should be undertaken with care so as not to damage the underlying wall structure.  In many cases, you can simply remove wallpaper by peeling it from the edges.  Stubborn pieces can be peeled away using a stripping knife or water and steam.

Where the original wallpaper has been very well attached, it may be necessary to use steam and water techniques to remove the wallpaper throughout the surface area.

Soap and Water
Start by using a sponge and simple water and soap.  Apply the water, ensuring you have covered the floor and any furniture with cloths or plastic.  You may find it is best to remove furniture and other objects from the working area altogether.  Leave the wall for up to 20 minutes so that the water can soak into the wallpaper.  It may then prove a relatively easy job to peel the wallpaper away.

Steam Strippers and Punctures
Should the wallpaper still prove difficult to remove, you can hire a steam stripper.  Ensure that you ask for advice on how to use it or read up on instructions and any handy tips.

Puncturing wallpaper before soaking it with soapy water is another method of speeding up wallpaper stripping.  You can use a steel brush to press through the paper, leaving the holes to be filled with water.

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