DIY Kits for Underfloor Heating

If you’ve ever considered underfloor heating but thought the project was beyond your capabilities, re-consider.  New materials and installation methods have made the process much easier than in years past.  In fact, with a little time, patience, and planning, you can install an electric underfloor heating system in a room as you remodel, then stand back and enjoy the soft warmth that’s produced by your new floor.

Radiant or underfloor heating has actually been used since Roman times, but today’s technology makes it available to anyone.  Where older systems used hot water forced through tubes embedded within a concrete slab (almost impossible for a layman to install), today’s electric systems use a simple flexible mat which you lay out on the sub-floor of the area to be heated.

Purchase the size and number of mats and underfloor heating insulation needed for your area, a technician can help you figure this out for free; then select a Do It Yourself or DIY kit that will contain everything else you need except for a few basic tools.  The only part you may wish to contract out is the electrical connection between the mat and a thermostatic controller as it safer to use a certified electrician for this part of the task.

DIY underfloor heating instructions are also available on the Internet, many with colour illustrations or photographs showing how the installation progresses.  This is a wonderful way to see a project from start to finish, before you begin your own.  It’s almost like having a trial run!

Many of the DIY underfloor heating kits also have a free telephone help number you can use to dial up an expert for consultation during your installation.  But the process is very simple: make sure your sub-floor is level, lay out the mat, put thinset cement over the wires, and finally, lay your floor covering over it all.

What may have initially looked like an expensive job for experts can be broken down into small parts that can be completed by any novice DIY homeowner.

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