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Design trends for 2014

Open plan kitchen

We may already be more than a month into the new year, but what better time to start thinking about new ways to change the design in your home to be more trendy than now, when all your other resolutions have gone out the window? This year’s design trends are turning away from the shabby chic of the past and towards a more simplistic look created alongside bold and dramatic pieces.

Furniture is heading one of two ways: for the more contemporary, modern style lovers, acrylic furniture is top of the list; or for a slightly more traditional look, lighter toned wood pieces will be bang on trend. With acrylic furniture, it can be a pretty bold move to make, but luckily it’s a style that fits with almost everything, and can be as small as the legs on your sofas or as dramatic as a whole dining set. To downplay this, go for a lighter, more natural looking wood for your table and chairs – honey or caramel pieces with no dark varnishing and the grain showing through will be your best friends. Make sure to stay far away from anything in dark mahogany or cherry tones that will drag you back into the past though.

Choosing new colours for your home is one way to keep on top of the trends without splashing out as you can add small accessories in your colour of choice, or splash a bit of paint on a feature wall. Pantone has named their colour of the year as radiant orchid, and leading on from that we’ll see other saturated colours such as navy and plum breaking through into the interior designs marketplace. Navy has been stated as the new neutral colour, although it can be difficult to work with as it is so dark. To keep your room looking bright but trendy, use navy accessories or a focal piece of furniture, such as a sofa, in a navy hue, but make sure to leave beige and grey behind.

Leading on from the shades of colour that will be in this year, we’ll be seeing more glamour around the house too. Look for fabrics that are rich and heavy such as sumptuous velvet, earthy suede and warm corduroy; not only will they look opulent draped across your windows and on your bed, they’ll also be durable.

In contrast from the living areas though, kitchens and bathrooms are going for a more minimalistic look in 2014. Kitchens are expected to be opened up more and more, so that they run more smoothly into dining areas and have plenty of space for gadgets and accessories. Open plan will be big in kitchen design this year. Bathrooms too will be changing; where we saw shabby chic and bohemian styles last year, this year will see smoother lines and more sophisticated pieces. The bathroom should still be luxurious, but in a manner that is not at all stressful and is free from unnecessary clutter. Expect to see larger tubs in bigger bathrooms, and curbless showers and wet rooms taking off even more in smaller spaces.

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Open plan kitchen image: ooh_food


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