Cost of Underfloor Heating When Professionally Installed

As with most things, the cost of underfloor heating is going to vary and the best thing you can do is get a quote. For a professional installation there are two options open to you. 

The first option is to seek out an underfloor heating company that will quote you based on the cost of all materials, as well as the time they take to come and install the system for you. Be sure to obtain an itemised list of what they will and won’t be supplying and the exact terms of their fitting prices, as well as any additional charges should the job run over schedule. The best thing to do is get quotes from three different suppliers, as this gives you a good comparison for establishing the cheapest option. Do not rush out and accept the cheapest price before you have checked that the quotes are comparable.

The other way to get a professional installation is to purchase all the components yourself and then employ suitably qualified tradesmen to fit the system for you. In the case of a water underfloor heating system, you will need a plumber and an electrician and if you are burying the pipe work, you will need to find someone who can lay the floor for you after the main heating system has been installed. It is hard to say which will be cheaper, as costs will vary, so shop around and see what deals you can make; there is always a deal to be done.

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